Dog Training – A Fun Activity

Training Tips

Too many dogs are given up on after their normal, easily modifiable behaviors are allowed to become problems. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Dog’s trained in their own environment learn better. Good training is a fun activity that helps your dog become a well-behaved, safe, and valued member of the family.

Why Training is a Necessity:

Does your furry companion need training? Yes, and so do you!

Whether you are intentionally teaching him or not, your canine friend is always learning and this is true not just for puppies but also for older, adult dogs. If you do not teach your pet your rules, he will invent his own. Alpha Dog Training shows caregivers how to safely and humanely control their dog’s behavior. Positive training enhances the bond between dog and owner, and helps ensure that your dog will respond happily to your instructions.

Do you make these common mistakes with your dog? Many common dog-rearing techniques may actually be backfiring. But don’t be too surprised.

Dog training mistakes are really human mistakes. Many dog owners make mistakes inadvertently — due to bad advice from friends, reading something that’s not correct or “that’s how we did it with the family dog when we were growing up.

Then frustration sets in when puppies “have accidents” in the house, or an adult dog won’t come when called or jumps on people for attention.

But these and other problems are not the fault of the dog. And they’re not your fault either. So, don’t feel guilty.

Here are a few common mistakes that most dog owners do, without knowing they’re sending wrong signals to their dog:


Calling Your Dog To You.

When your dog comes to you, do you unknowingly “punish” him for it. For example your dog is having tons of fun outside– you call him — and he comes to you.

Do you reward him by putting him on a leash and taking him home? Think about it. Do you think he’ll want to come to you next time?


Not Giving Attention To Your Dog’s Emotions.

For example, after 15 minutes of training, you notice your puppy isn’t paying attention to you, he’s yawning and simply refuses to look at you. You continue training but your dog doesn’t respond the way you want him to. The result: You get frustrated and irritated. And, that affects your dog, too.


Following Through With Your Training Lessons.

For example, you spend 1 hour on a Sunday teaching your dog to sit. But, during the week you’ve been too busy and you couldn’t devote much time to training. So, next Saturday you start again — but, your dog has most likely forgotten the initial lesson.

You need to follow the training routine until your dog has learned the lesson thoroughly. Dogs love to learn and will learn by regular, consistent repetition with positive reinforcement. There are several other such common pitfalls that should be avoided. And once you take the right steps, the training process will be far more enjoyable and effective.

Training your dog is not at all difficult. But you have to:

1) Know what to expect

2) Know the exact steps

3) Know what common mistakes to avoid.

Alpha Dog Training sets you on the right path. Imagine the feeling of pride (and relief) you’ll have when your dog comes to you every time you call — even if your dog is surrounded by cats, toys, and other distractions.

And picture how happy you’ll be when there are no more accidents in the house.

Imagine the incredible look of amazement and astonishment when your friends and neighbors see how you have turned your dog into the best pet on the block!

How Dog Training Schools Benefit Dog Socialization

At the dog training schools, canines are trained to behaved better having the obedience training and also remove their bad behaviors and be able to socialize along with some other people and canines. Regularly trainers at the training schools put the smartest canines ahead of their pack as their leader and will act as the example of great behavior for the other canines to follow.

When your canines has really bad habits and behavior it really needs to be trained at the dog training school to curb its behavior and attitude and to have it’s dog socialization training too. Since the training schools are best known as the great way to teach and train a canine of whatever breed and age that it has. Dog training schools regularly teach agility training for your canine’s exercise as well as obedience training and for good competition in some special classes.

When you have a new adult canine or puppy to be trained for the first time and that means that they have not been trained before, then it is recommended that you put your dogs at the canine training schools to get their best training and have the best result. Your dog will be trained well on their own dog socialization and be able to mingle well with other dogs even of different breeds and to people also. You can also do your training however owners do not really understand and know what to do without the direct guidance from the real trainer.

These schools will give the new owners more experience in knowing and understanding their dogs better than before. They will learn much about dog psychology and how to have socialization with some other dogs especially the younger puppies. With this obedience canine training the canine owners may join in the training directly along their dogs and with their trainers. This will develop the owner and the dog’s bond much stronger.

At this training dog school the trainers do not train the dogs only but the dog owners as well. Because dogs have the tendency and natural habit to obey and follow their pack leader and this must be the owners and not the trainers. And so the dog owners need to know and learn how to train their own dogs at home too. They must be able also to know some troubleshooting that may arise and the command to use in such training. Your dog will learn much and have the dog socialization training that it really needs at the training school.

It is really important for a puppy to get some socialization training when it is growing up to become friendly and a well behaved dog. Shy and lonely dogs are often alone and neglected and do not have other dogs to play with. These things will be erased at the training school and will be taught dog socialization successfully even for just some days only. The training school is the right place to get your dog for its training and also the safest and best place for it.